The groundbreaking ceremony for Gotham and Delmar Apartments occurred on a 100+ degree day on July 17th.  The heat did not stop a celebration and ceremony that took place in the basement of the Gotham building which will soon be transformed into a parking garage, storage area and leasing center. The Gotham building is the substantial rehabilitation component of the development that will house 54 market-rate units once renovated. Demolition was underway even during the ceremony, and 14 original residents continue to occupy the north wing while the south wing is being completely renovated.

A small army invested great energy and effort over the past 2 years to reach this stage. Representatives from each party involved were in attendance, including the Carpenter’s Union, Altman Charter, Charrette Management, the owner/architect/developer, the seller of the Gotham building, HUD, area businessmen, MHDC and Love Funding. Community members and family of the development team also attended to celebrate the groundbreaking. There was an undeniable sense of community pride as we broke ground on the most significant development in the East Loop in over a decade.  

The construction should be completed by the summer of 2013. Ownership and management are immediately rooted in the area with offices located only a couple of blocks away. Sights are already set on leasing the residential units and commercial space (approximately 10,000 sf) that will be newly available upon completion. Gotham and Delmar Apartments will no doubt be a welcomed addition to the surrounding community once construction is complete.