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What in the world is going on? With all of the talk about sequestration, the debt ceiling, GSE reform and general market turmoil, you would think that any company doing business with the federal government is in dire straits. Certainly, a lot of what is happening on Capitol Hill has a ripple effect on our FHA business. But let’s be clear about something: Ripples aren’t waves.

While these changes will affect a few of our friends at HUD, it will not have any impact on our ability to do business with HUD. Congress has passed a continuing resolution to keep the government open for business. In addition, HUD has been allocated the full commitment authority it was granted for fiscal year 2013. This means business as usual for the foreseeable future.

With GSE reform focused on the single family side, all of this means we can expect FHA to be the same reliable and attractive financing source it has been for multifamily properties, healthcare facilities and hospitals for almost 80 years.

Though we shouldn’t expect to see forever the record-low rates that were once deemed unimaginable, the fact is rates are still extremely attractive – around 3% for 35- and 40-year fully amortizing debt. Call your Love Funding contact and find out how we can solve your multifamily, healthcare or hospital finance needs.

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