by Mark Dellonte via Washington Examiner

This year, a higher level of attention has been brought to a group of Americans who deserve our appreciation but often don’t get the kind of thanks they truly need.

Throughout the country, veterans are struggling with issues few of us can fathom. Many face not only physical and mental challenges upon returning home from conflict, but pressing financial concerns as well. It may shock you to know that nearly 50,000 veterans across the United States are homeless.

The federal government has a role in addressing this problem, and it’s doing more than ever before to fill that role. Recently, my company, Love Funding, partnered with the U.S. Veterans Administration in helping to develop an assisted-living residence in Viera, Fla. It combined an “enhanced use lease” from the VA with low-rate financing obtained through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The facility, the first of its kind in the country that brings the missions of both agencies under one roof, provides priority consideration to U.S. veterans, along with discounted rents.

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Source: Washington Examiner | December 23 2014